Expansion of medical treatment visits abortions are able to significantly reduce maternal mortality, especially in developing countries. In the light of politics and particular problems with the development of abortive mifepristone, the widely studied mifepristone-misoprostol regimen may be little available in the near future. So, researchers began to look for alternative therapy regimens, including programs using only misoprostol. This publication examines the information available today about the potential of using only misoprostol for medical abortion. Although the data are different and it is difficult to compare them, recent studies prove that the regimen of taking only misoprostol is possibly harmless and effective as a variant of medical abortion. Misoprostol is widely sold in all countries for other indications and is positioned as inexpensive, confident in a tropical climate, easy to transport and easy to use. So, the medical abortion regimen with the use of misoprostol alone is able to significantly improve women's access to attention in developing countries for safe medical termination of pregnancy.

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Pip: studies have been conducted to see the potential of misoprostol alone for early termination of pregnancy. These studies were conducted by norman et al.. (1991), kreinin and wittingoff (1994), bugallo and others. (1996), coopersmith and michell (1996), carbonell, etc.. (Two studies: 1997, 1998) and jain et al. (1998). Schemes, techniques and systems of sampling the population varied from study to study. So, comparing the results was difficult. According to state regulations and laws, however, the results demonstrate that the regimen of taking only misoprostol is possibly harmless and effective as a method of medical abortion. This regime can qualitatively increase women's access to safe medical abortion in developing countries, which, of course, would lead to a significant reduction in maternal mortality.

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